Atlanta Wealth Management offers two levels of assessments for trustees—Level 1 is complementary, while Level 2 is a much more comprehensive consulting assessment engagement. We can also review or develop an Investment Policy Statement for your trust.

Level 1 – Self-Assessment of Fiduciary Excellence (SAFE) – Complementary

We recommend that every trustee complete the complementary Self-Assessment of Fiduciary Excellence for Investment Stewards, or SAFE.

Any trustee can use the SAFE to quickly assess their understanding of, and compliance with, a fiduciary standard of care. It consists of 21 "Yes" or "No" questions intended to assist you in analyzing how well your trust meets the Prudent Practices discussed on the TRUSTEES page. You can download a complementary SAFE for Investment Stewards to review or complete.

To discuss the results of your SAFE, or to receive a complimentary commercially-printed copy, CONTACT US.

Level 2 – Consultant’s Review of Fiduciary Practices (CRFP)

When a trustee needs advice on his or her fiduciary practices, Atlanta Wealth Management offers the Consultant’s Review of Fiduciary Practices (CRFP). The CREP provides a more detailed analysis of how well your trust’s investment management and governance processes conform to a Global Fiduciary Standard of Excellence. This Global Fiduciary Standard of Excellence is detailed in the "Prudent Practices for Investment Stewards" handbook, written by Fi360 with technical review provided by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants.

CEFEX, or Centre for Fiduciary Excellence, is an independent global assessment and certification organization. It works closely with investment fiduciaries and industry experts to provide comprehensive assessment programs to improve risk management for institutional and retail investors.

A CEFEX Analyst is someone who holds the Accredited Investment Fiduciary Analyst™ (AIFA®) designation and has appropriate industry training and experience to perform CEFEX assessments.

Our CEFEX Analyst will conduct the CRFP Review primarily by analyzing your trust’s investment management processes, including:

  • Fiduciary acknowledgements
  • Investment Policy Statements
  • Asset allocation models and assumptions
  • Performance monitoring processes
  • Current investment lineups
  • Fees and expenses; and
  • Conflict of interest policies

Upon completion, you will receive:

  • A CEFEX Report that summarizes our findings and evaluates your organization’s conformance with fiduciary best practices. Nonconformities and Opportunities for Improvement are identified
  • A Fi360 Fiduciary Monitoring Report that analyzes and rates the prudence of your investment portfolio in a variety of areas, including performance, style drift, risk management, and asset allocation
  • A Fi360 Fee and Expense Report that provides a clear summary of fees charged by investment companies and advisors
  • A Registered Opinion Letter from CEFEX that states that the Review was conducted in accordance with CEFEX’s assessment standards

Why Have a Trustee Fiduciary Assessment?

As a fiduciary of your trust, your grantor and beneficiaries depend on you to oversee an important asset. The trust may be the most important asset supporting a beneficiary and can determine their way of life for years to come. Beneficieries want to be assured that the trust on which they depend is being managed prudently. The questions raised and facts gathered during an assessment can help investment stewards demonstrate that they are fulfilling their fiduciary obligations. A Trustee Fiduciary Assessment may help you:

  • Demonstrate your stewardship to the trust’s beneficiaries
  • Reduce fiduciary liability by demonstrating that you are following a prudent investment process
  • Improve investment performance

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