At Atlanta Wealth Management, we use a goal-focused planning process. One of our first tasks is to learn what’s important for you to accomplish in life.

Another key feature of our financial planning process is that it’s a collaborative effort—you participate in your plan development from the get-go—it truly becomes your plan. We work together with you using a cloud-based financial planning tool to create a written plan designed to give you increased confidence that you will achieve your most important life goals.

Perhaps the best way to learn how our financial planning process works and what it can do for you is to do a complimentary Quick Intro plan. You can arrange for one by calling David Boone at 404-713-0247 or emailing him. You'll spend about ten minutes on the phone and online with him while you collaboratively put together your complimentary Quick Intro plan.

Our process consists of the following steps:

  • Goal Discovery
  • Risk Profile Assessment
  • Data Gathering
  • Portfolio Selection
  • Initial Plan Stress Testing
  • Finalize Goal Plan

Atlanta Wealth Management does not give legal or tax advice. Instead, we work closely with estate planning attorneys, CPAs and insurance professionals who are familiar with our process. We are always delighted to recommend them to clients in need of a particular specialty, while we welcome the opportunity to work with your current professionals. Our financial planning tool is designed to be shared collaboratively with your other professionals, like attorneys and CPAs, if you choose.