An Investment Policy Statement is a written document that spells out the procedures to be followed by your portfolio’s manager.

In our view, nearly half of the issues raised by the SAFE’s 21 questions are related to having a well-crafted Investment Policy Statement in place. You may wish to have Atlanta Wealth Management assess and revise your current Investment Policy Statement, or, if you do not already have one, have us prepare one for you that conforms to the Global Fiduciary Standard of Excellence developed by the Center for Fiduciary Studies™.

One of the Fiduciary Standard Prudent Practices® relates to developing a written Investment Policy Statement that “contains sufficient detail to define, implement and monitor your investment strategy.” We believe every investor should have an Investment Policy Statement that considers, among other issues, your:

  • Objectives
  • Time horizon
  • Risk level
  • Return expectations
  • Target asset allocation
  • Investment selection and retention criteria
  • Monitoring procedures; and
  • Rebalancing procedures

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