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This service helps you define and rank your goals; explore multiple saving, retirement and investment scenarios; and select a plan and portfolio allocation designed to improve the likelihood of attaining your most important goals.

Perhaps the best way to learn how our financial planning process could benefit you is to walk through a complimentary Retirement Zoomer™. A Retirement Zoomer is an introductory retirement plan that calculates the likelihood of achieving your retirement goals—and shows you how you may be able to improve your probability of success. And, it can be prepared very quickly.

To conserve your valuable time, a complimentary Retirement Zoomer forgoes the in-depth goal creation, risk assessment, current investment analysis and other features of the Retirement Lifestyle Plans our clients pay several hundred dollars to develop. But a Retirement Zoomer creates a useful preliminary plan that illustrates goal creation, what it means to be in your confidence zone, and how your plan would handle the stress of another severe bear market like that of 2007–2009. It gives you an initial look at how you might be able to improve your probability of not running out of money during retirement.

See if you can create a better plan to achieve your life goals. Invest ten minutes or so on the phone for a personalized walk through our cloud-based Retirement Zoomer. Contact David Boone for a complimentary Retirement Zoomer at 404-713-0247 or e-mail him.
Not ready to complete a Retirement Zoomer yet? Download Can You Have the Retirement You Want? to learn more about how a Retirement Lifestyle Plan could benefit you.
When you engage us to develop a more in-depth Retirement Lifestyle Plan, we use a goal-focused planning process. One of our first tasks is to learn what’s most important to you in life. Then we work together using a cloud-based financial planning tool to create a written plan designed to give you increased confidence that you will achieve your most important life goals.

If you later become an Investment Management client, we encourage you to periodically update your Financial Goal Plan at no additional charge. Rather than focusing on your latest short-term investment performance, updated Financial Goal Plans show your progress toward achieving your long-term financial goals over time.

This service is offered on a fixed fee basis.

To learn more about Atlanta Wealth Management’s Financial Planning services call 404-713-0247, email us, or download Can You Have the Retirement You Want?

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